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This an archive of the original COOL4Ed website. For the current version, please go to

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COOL4Ed’s mission is to support the success of CCC and CSU campuses implementing their textbook affordability programs and reducing the cost of course materials for students.

Through developing and growing open and extensive communication channels, sharing expertise and experiences with textbook affordability programs, and supporting the leadership of campus coordinators, the collaborative community of the CCC and CSU will be able to achieve is textbook affordability goals successfully, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

What’s New


The COOL4Ed team will conduct monthly webinars on topics that are important to the TACC Community. We will be using Zoom, online conferencing software, and we'll frequently be asking members of the TACC community to share their plans and experiences. We'll also bring in guest experts and simply give you time to address the issues that are bothering you.

March 29, 2018 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar Archive

March 1, 2018 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar Archive

December 2017 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar Archive

November 2017 Webinar – OLC Conference Announcement, AB 798 Final Report, SB 1359 Check-in

October 2017 Webinar – Open Ed, SB 1359, CSU Fullerton Spotlight

September 2017 Webinar – Helpful Coordinators' Resources, SB 1359, and TopHat

August 2017 Webinar - AY17 AL$/AB798 Team Kick-off

July 2017 Webinar - AB 798 Reporting Update, Summer Prep Strategies, OpenStax eReader Pilot

June 2017 Webinar - SB 1359: Implementation Requirements and Issues (Hanley)

May 2017 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar - Implementation Strategies for SB 1359 Tagging Course Catalogs for Zero Cost Textbooks

April 2017 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar - SB 1359: Everything You Need to Know

March 2017 AL$ / AB 798 Webinar – Getting the Most out of Campus Events


  • The OLC Collaborate AB798 Conference and the AL$ Annual Meeting will tentatively take place January 30 – 31, 2018 at the Hyatt LAX. Meeting confirmation and additional content to follow soon.

Past Events


Support Team

  • Email –  which is received by Leslie Kennedy, Gerry Hanley, and Theresa Dykes
  • Located at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach, CA

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